Veraci Pizza first started making
pizzas at the Ballard Farmer's Market
in May of 2004.  

But, the idea of putting a wood-fired
pizza oven on a trailer took years to

Marshall's background in the restaurant business and ceramics along with
Errin's background in business development proved to be just the right combo.  
Many friends and family also helped them as they began building their first oven which was
lovingly named "Terracottababy".

In 2005 Veraci Pizza expanded their operations to the Fremont Sunday Market with their
second oven called "Fat boy". In the spring of 2006, they fired up the oven
at the Bellevue Farmers Market, one of their busiest venues to date.

In 2007 Veraci's talented staff, delicious products and innovative business model helped us to
win two special awards: The Mayor of Seattle's Small Business Award and Best New
Catering Idea by Seattle Magazine. Veraci would like to thank our loyal employees and
devoted customers for helping Veraci PIzza to achieve these special honors.

Also in 2006 Errin's sister Kris joined the team!  With the invention of several
new items like the Green Dahlia & Insalata Fresca she has brought more
creativity and fun to Veraci than ever before!  She is currently Veraci
Pizza's General Manager  and is one of Veraci's most dedicated team
leaders!  Way to go Kris!  

Her daughter, Brooke, is also on our team and is doing a great job!
Also in 2007, Marshall's brother Cameron
started his own Veraci Pizza operation in
Bend, Oregon & in 2009 began making
pizzas in and around Portland as well.

Cam has an full summer schedule this year
and is looking forward to bringing Veraci to
many more folks in Central & Western

For more information about Veraci Pizza's
Bend operation, please go to:

Back in the Seattle area, Veraci continues to feature its delicious wood-fired pizza year 'round
at the
Fremont Outdoor Market  & Ballard Farmer's Market on Sundays.  In spring & summer
Veraci will be returning to the Phinney Ridge Market, Bellevue Market, Queen Anne, Kirkland &
Mercer Island Farmer's Market.  With four ovens you can see our ovens every day of the week
rolling from our Ballard location to either a farmer's market or a catering!

The most exciting news for the Veraci Family is that they opened a small pizzeria in Ballard in
late October of 2008.   The pizzeria has received great reviews & wonderful support from all
our customers.  It is still doing great and with the addition of Gluten Free Pizza at the pizzeria
we hope to introduce our great pie to a whole new group of people who haven't tried us yet!

The awards just keep coming in...."Seattle Top 60 Restaurants" in Seattle Met, "Best Pizza in
Seattle" & "Best Reason to Have a Driveway" in Seattle Weekly..."Best Cheap Eats" in Seattle
Magazine & some very favorable reviews from the PI & Times as well as Seattle Weekly.  The
Spokane Inlander also did a great article on Veraci in Spokane in spring 2010.

Also this spring, look for Veraci to be hitting the airwaves as we are one of 50 mobile vendors
to be featured in a new TV series called "Eat Street" on the Cooking Channel.  More details to
come when we know more - we shot it in summer of 2010 and it is currently under production.  
The word right now is it will be live in April 2011!!!

All of our success is a testament to Veraci's wonderful staff & wonderful customers!  We thank
you for all your support of our company!
Veraci Pizza
(206) 525-1813

Business Office Address:  Veraci Pizza, Inc.  1512 NW 64th Street - Seattle, WA  98107 - Direct Line:  206.898.0309
The Veraci Family continues to grow as our
good friend and former employee Seth Carey
joined us in the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area.  
He began in July of 2009 and has already
gained a following.

He and is wife Laura and their daughter Bella
bring a new energy and a new way of
communicating with our fans.  He started the
first Veraci Pizza Facebook page for the
Spokane area and is Tweeting all his fans
letting them know where to find him.
Co-Owner Marshall Jett
Veraci Oregon's Cameron Jett
Veraci Spokane's Seth Carey
With the help of friends and family,  Marshall Jett and business
partner Errin Byrd began making plans to build a traditional
pizza oven in 2003.  After a year of research and planning,
Veraci's first wood-fired oven was complete - specifically
designed for making the best pizza possible.
Co-Owner Errin Byrd & their daughter Olivia Jett
For more information about Veraci Spokane please go to:
Veraci General Manager
Kris Elledge
The Veraci Family
Marshall& Lucci
Cam & Anne
Errin, Kris, Brooke & Olivia
& Seth, Laura, Bella & Archer