Wood-Fired Authentic Neapolitan

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About Us

We are Seattle's original, award-winning traveling wood-fired pizza company. We also have our ovens in Portland, Bend, Spokane, Coeur d'Alene. We're also proud to announce the upcoming location of Redmond's own Microsoft Campus!

Our ovens

We design and build each new pizza oven as a unique functional work of art. We use a proprietary refractory clay mixture that withstands very high temperatures and build each oven entirely by hand. It takes eight weeks to complete one oven. Burning apple wood allows us to cook very quickly at temperatures ranging from 850 to 1000 degrees F. At these high temperatures, our traditional pizza is ready to eat in about ninety seconds, harkening back to the time-honored traditions of Naples, Italy.

The science behind the art is fascinating: especially the relationship between the extreme heat and our hand-mixed artisan dough. The intense energy released from the burning apple wood is transferred to the pizza three ways: through convection, conduction and radiant energy. When the pizza hits the bricks, the molecules of water in the dough turn to water vapor and escape upwards through the crust. Miniature steam vents form all over the pizza as it is transformed by the intense heat. This change of state from water to steam generates pressure and uplifts our special dough, creating a puffy, hollow, golden brown and slightly-charred, crisp and chewy outer crust (the "cornicione") and a deliciously thin, melts-in-your-mouth--- soft inner crust.

The transformation is dramatic. In a matter of seconds, the pizza is ready to devour; our thin crust becomes adorned with beautiful textural contrasts and the subtle smoky flavors combine with the delicious meats, veggies and cheeses to create “Veraci magic!”